Friday, 12 October 2012

Zbrush Day 4- Adding Detail

This is the front view of the markings I made on the Zbrush model.

 This is the back view of the Zbrush model i wanted to vary and designs and make them flow with the front of the character.

Today I marked out the model and this is where I will extract the pieces of the armour from, I can still change the designs if I need to. A problem that I was facing for the last 2-3 days was to make the hands which are very hard, and I am going to seek help from Simon on this.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Physical Clay Sculpting!

Today we sculpted with using clay (grey stuff). It was a lot harder than the sculpting we did in the last project. First we put foil on a metal stick to support the head of our sculpture then we shaped the foil using a hammer. Then using the clay slow and gradually I made my sculpture it was very hard to make it look like my drawing and what I had in mind. It didn't turn out 100% like what I wanted it to but it was very close.

 The hardest thing was getting the back of the head to match the proportions on the front.

This is the side view of my sculpture I was quite satisfied with what I made.

The picture got a little blurred but this is the back of the clay sculpture I made

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Zbrush Day 3- Expanding The Work

Today I extruded the legs out and gave it some shape and I also matched the proportions with the rest of the body. It was hard getting the upper part of the leg to look realistic because it has a very unusual proportion so using some anatomy images I got it work. Using Dynamesh was a real helpful element of Zbrush because I could just carry on extruding not worrying about the typology but at the end I would have to because I have to retopologise the whole model which would be a great thing to find out.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Zbrush Day 2- Working Towards The Idea

Looking at my design images I started to shape the character using the move tool to make it look more like my drawings. I shaped out the character to look more like an alien. I was having some difficulty with the head proportions so I kept looking in the side view to make it perfect which took a lot of time.